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Our Production Facility

One of the priorities of our company policies is not to compromise quality standards. In line with this, it is important to follow up production processes in order to develop these standards continuously.

We consistently invest in our factory and machine park and develop our production with a customer-oriented approach in line with quality standards.

With our Fully-Integrated Facility established in consequence of these investments, we have justified pride of conducting all processes from receipt of a product in LDPE granules in our facility and output of that product as a protective band at our customer’s disposal within our company.

Our business model includes producing products specific to every surface as requested by our customers in various thicknesses, widths and adhesion degrees with or without printing.

In line with our policy of investing in future and technology, we are achieving our goal of reaching all over the world with export activities as one of our goals from establishment and contribute to our country.

In order to make the success that we have today sustainable, we continue making investments uninterruptedly in our production facility in terms of technology, capacity increase, machine park and systematic improvements.

As a result of our investments with domestic capital, we aim to develop our quality and superiority in technology, protect our leading position in the domestic industry and increase our market share in the abroad.

Adin Tape

Adin Tape