• Windows Profile

• Pvc, Foamed PVC, PC, PMMA, PET-G Sheets

• Window Seals

ADİN offers her customers several different kind of products for the metal surfaces. Coated and painted metals which are widely used building construction must remain free of surface default such as; dirt, demage etc.. Our protective films withstand; roll forming, shaping, drilling, cutting, deep drawing, abrasion and manufacturing. We offer controlled adhesion during the life cycle of the products under outdoor conditions with easy peel of without leaving residue.

Painted Alumium

• Anodised Aluminium

• Uncoated Metals

• Stinless Steel

• Painted Metals


ADİN protective films can be used in various different industrial applications by wide selection of different adhesives formulations and coating weights,Although it is not possible to list all the aplications which Adin offer protection solutions here is below you will have an idea of the major markets served such as;

• Carpets

• Textile

• Painted Wood

• Laminated Wood

• Lacquered PVC Edgebands

• Automotive

• White Goods, Electronics

• Marble, Ceramics

• Glass, Mirrors