Management Team


Nida has started her career in construction sector as a Civil Engineer. In 1997 Nida moved to manufacturing career in the Protective Tape Industry. In 2007 She created ADIN A.S.  protective film trading company and begun to export protective films In 2011 ADIN A.S entered into production of protective films. Nida holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from ODTU, Ankara and MBA from Istanbul Technical University. Married and has a daugther.


Alkin was born in Bulgaria. Alkin started his career in commodity trading in Russia. Throughout his career Alkin has worked in almost all countries in the former Soviet Republics. He formed a well diversified business network. Alkin brought his international sales experience and business network to Adin Tape Export Division. He speaks excellent Russian, and Bulgarian languages. He is married and has a daughter.


Cenk has started his career in 2004. He worked in different industries as an engineering. I n y 2011 he joined the forces at Adin 5 as a Technical Sales Manager. Cenk is responsible for developing both new products and businesses. Cenk has successfuly discovered opportunities in plastics business segment and developed products for the needs of this industry. Cenk has B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He is married and have two sons.